Sabrina 5 gets a new lease of life

School children visiting the Gloucester Waterways Museum are now able to take part in workshops on board the newly refurbished Sabrina 5.

The 90 ft barge was built in 1944 and used in the war effort to deliver cargo. As an unpowered barge, she would have been towed up the country from Avonmouth by a tug boat, heavily laden with raw materials and food.

She is now part of the country's Historic National Fleet - just like HMS Victory and the Cutty Sark - and has a whole new purpose in life. Educational workshops are now being delivered in the spacious classroom, creating an exciting buzz for the children when they come on board.

Currently, the Explorers team have led the 'Float a Boat' activity for groups of around 20 children at a time. In short, this activity gets children to mould a ball of plasticine into an object that can float and then we get competitive to see who's 'boat' can hold the most weight . You could say it's like a boat...floating on a boat!

This opportunity for groups to be educated on the Sabrina 5 really is 'learning outside the classroom.' What better way for children to understand the scientific concepts behind flotation than to be on such a historic vessel as we have in Gloucester.

The Explorers learning programme offers free waterside visits for priamry schools across England and Wales. Book a free visit for your school or group today.

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