Out and about at the Cheltenham Science Group

Education Volunteers Anna and Joe spent the day 'floating and sinking' at Cheltenham Science Group.

Located in a pop-up shop in Cheltenham, there are numerous fascinating learning activities for children to 'play' with to allow them to investigate why things work. As the science group work with other charities and trusts and invite them to set up their own workshop during the holidays, the Canal & River Trust connected with them to provide one of our inspiring activities.

We brought along the 'Float-a-Boat' activity which we have been using on school visits. The children used balls of plasticine to shape into boats so that they floated on the water. Experimentation and perseverance delighted the children when they found they could carry on board a multitude of Lego people! With around 50 children and adults taking part in the science investigation, we adapted the activity to suit who wanted to discover more scientific knowledge and who just wanted to play with water.

It was a great opportunity to promote the work that Education Volunteers do with schools and uniformed groups. Having been prepared with information leaflets and fun activity booklets, visitors also took home with them an understanding of how the Canal & River Trust are working with different organisations to bring learning to everyone.

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