Exploring at Gloucester's National Waterways Museum

Volunteer Anna Birt introduces the work of Explorers at the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester. Watch this space for more updates on what the team are getting up to.

Have you ever walked alongside a canal and wondered why it’s there; who built it and why? Well, thankfully, the Explorers education team are able to shed some light on this. By going into schools and clubs across the UK, the team talk to children about what is an important part of Britain’s landscape and heritage - vital to establishing the country’s economic growth during the industrial revolution.

The National Waterways Museum at Gloucester has a dedicated team who are passionate about bringing history to life and allowing children to get involved in some hands-on science investigations. We believe that children have a better understanding of the world around them if they are able to explore it for themselves.

The museum is currently closed for refurbishment until 29th July 2016, however the Explorers volunteers have been out and about in Gloucestershire, talking to primary school children and clubs, such as Beavers and Brownies, about the importance of Gloucester's canals and rivers. They also promote an understanding of the science behind how boats float and how their shape is linked to their use.

We bring along everything needed for the activities; all you need to do is be able to supply some water (and maybe a few paper towels!). It's been amazing watching children have fun with water while learning so much at the same time.

If you would like to have the team visit your school or club, please see canalrivertrust.org.uk/explorers for more information on how to book a visit.

In my next blog, I'll give you more of an insight as to the kind of activities we do at Gloucester's National Waterways Museum.

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The Education Team delivers two main learning programmes. Explorers which is aimed at primary school children and uniformed groups, and STEM which is aimed at secondary schools. We provide free, curriculum linked learning resources for teachers and offer a range of outreach sessions to inspire children and young people about our waterways. Our fantastic Education Volunteers deliver sessions on the towpath or in school, bringing the stories of our waterways to life.


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