Water safety outreach and education

We cover water safety on all of our outdoor visits, but we can also visit your school and deliver a FREE water safety assembly to the whole school, or a workshop to individual classes. Children will learn our SAFE message, how to spot hazards and how to react in an emergency.

Stay Away From the Edge!

KS1 KS2 Water Safety Assemblies

This talk, lasting about 20 minutes, is in two parts: (1) Be SAFE Stay Away From the Edge (2) How to help someone who has fallen in the water. There are activities to take part in and also free water safety booklets for children. Watch the video below for an idea of what our assemblies entail.

KS1 KS2 Water Safety Box

The aim of the water safety box is to raise awareness of the hazards of being near water, how to avoid them and to learn what to do in an emergency. It consists of a variety of objects, equipment and activities, for use with small groups of children. You can use all or some of the activities, depending on the age of the children and the time available. The session is designed to be interactive and promote discussion.