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    Be a Canal Spy at Bingley Five Rise Locks

    Your mission is to solve the mystery of the Bingley Five Rise Locks. Use your best detective skills to solve the puzzle. Why did Johann Hogrewe come all the way from Prussia (Germany) to draw the Bingley Five Rise Locks?

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    Lancaster Canal & Lune Aqueduct Trail Teachers Notes

    There are twelve stops at points of interest along the route and these notes provide teachers with information and activities for each stop and for key features along the route.

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    Lancaster Canal & Lune Aqueduct Trail Worksheets

    These worksheets can be used to support learning on the Lancaster Canal & Lune Aqueduct trail. There are activities at 10 of the 12 stop points.

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    Lancaster Canal and Lune Aqueduct Family Time Slip Trip Trail

    Lancaster Canal & Lune Aqueduct trail with 14 points of interest.

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    All About Water Birds Information Pack

    Find out about the life cycles, habitats and feeding habits of our six most common water birds - mallard ducks, coots, herons, swans, moorhens and Canada geese.

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    All About Water Birds Teachers Notes

    These teachers notes contain curriculum links and lesson planning ideas for using the All About Water Birds information pack.

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    Water Birds Spotter Sheet

    Take this spotter sheet with you on a trip to a canal or river. Make a tally of the birds you spot!

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    KS2 Planning Document

    A planning grid and example medium term plan which uses canals and rivers to teach a variety of curriculum subjects.

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    KS1 Example Work Unit

    A planning grid and example unit of work demonstrating how canals and rivers can be used to teach Maths, Geography, English, History, Art/Design Technology and Science.

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    All About Canals

    Great for KS2 History and Geography local studies, also for project and badge work.

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