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    Torksey Lock Trail

    Toll keepers once collected tolls at Torksey Lock. Do you think they kept a catapult or a blunderbuss to fight off robbers? Find the answer here.

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    Montgomery Canal Family Trail

    Spot amazing amphibians, bully birds, ferocious fish and even an alien invasion!

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    Bingley Wildlife Explorers Trail

    In the summer the canal between Bingley Three Rise Locks and Bingley Five Rise Locks is a great place to spot small damselflies and giant dragonflies. What can you spot?

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    Heartlands Canals Topic Pack

    This topic pack is intended to be a resource for local schools and other groups within the Heartlands area of Birmingham. Warwick Bar is Birmingham’s only canal-based conservation area. Saltley Pools, once a site of heavy industry, was redeveloped to attract wildlife and to provide a safe, green resource for the local community. The activities draw on the links between different cultures for example the similarities between traditional canal art and the painted trucks of Pakistan, India and the Romany people.

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    Canal & River Habitats Topic Pack

    Learn all about biodiversity, adaptations, life cycles and foodchains and the wide variety of habitats found in or next to canals and rivers.

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    Canal & River Habitats Challenges

    Use these five worksheets to accompany the Canal & River Habitats Topic Pack. Complete them during a visit to a canal or river, or back in the classroom. Children can carry out the challenges in pairs or small groups.

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    Canal & River Habitats Activity Sheets

    Use these eight activity sheets to accompany the Canal & River Habitats Topic Pack. Complete them indoors preferably after a visit to a canal or river. Children can complete the sheets individually or in small groups.

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    Unravelling Rivers

    This pack provides an introduction to how rivers are formed and flow from source to mouth. It is aimed at learners in Years 5 & 6 but can be adapted for younger pupils. It includes activity sheets, for individual and group work, and whiteboard pictures for class discussion.

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    Unravelling Rivers: Lesson plan

    Everything a teacher needs to deliver the Unravelling Rivers lesson.

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    Travel and Transport guidance notes

    These notes support the Travel and Transport pack with background information, ideas for using the pack and further activities.

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