Diglis Island and Fish Pass

Diglis Island and Fish Pass

Diglis Island and Fish Pass, Diglis Dock Road Worcester, WR5 3BS

Diglis Island sits in the River Severn downstream from the centre of Worcester. Once it was home to a lock gate making workshop, lock keeper and toll keeper who would manage shipping through the vast river locks to bypass Diglis weir. 

The weir made the river navigable by forming a block that kept water levels upstream higher than normal. Once a vital part of river trade the weir still stands as testiment to the large engineering projects of the Victorian Era. 

Today the workshops have been transformed into community and learning spaces with schools visiting to learn all about about the fish pass and migratory fish, the history of this island and its importance to Worcester and the River Severn.

A historic barrier for wildlife

The River Severn is home to many species. River corridors provide habitats through the landscape and safe spaces away from human activity so that wildlife can thrive. 

For more than a hundred years the Diglis weir had blocked the path of migrating fish trying to access their ancestral spawning grounds in the top reaches of the river. 

A multi million pound project has seen one of the largest fish passes in the world built to bypass the weir and allow migrating fish access further upstream than had been seen since the Industrial Revolution.

The Diglis Fish pass provides a window under the water to see these fish on their journey and learn about the biodiversity present in the UK's longest river. 


Workshops at Diglis Island (KS1 & KS2)

We offer workshops with hands on activities and visits to the underwater viewing gallery. Our workshops support teaching topics such as local history and geography, habitats, rivers, lifecycles and the STEM subjects. 

Get in touch to see how a visit to Diglis Island and Fish Pass can fit your curriculum needs.

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Learning Resources

Use the following resources to support learning on your trip and back in the classroom:

Life on the English Waterways

All About Rivers

Building & Carrying Topic Pack

Unlocking the Severn for Schools


Toilets and indoor classroom space are available at Diglis Island.

Coaches will need to drop off at the roadside, further details are available on enquiry. 


Visits to Diglis Island and Fish pass are FREE!