Plastics Challenge protest poster

Every year an estimated 14 million pieces of plastic rubbish end up in and around our canals and rivers. Sadly, we can’t clear all of this plastic up, so 500,000 of those pieces are washed out into the ocean, becoming part of a much bigger global problem.

To help us with this plastics problem we’ve asked families to join our Plastics Challenge and pledge to do local towpath litter pick to help us fight back against plastic pollution. We know it’s difficult to get out and about right now, so if you can’t take part in a litter pick, why not make a protest poster to support our Plastics Challenge and make a difference from home.

What is a protest poster?

A protest poster is a sign to say what you care about and put that message out into the world. It’s a creative way of getting your voice to be heard and show what you’re passionate about. Protest posters have been used in demonstrations and protests across the world.

Take a look at this short film to learn more.

How to design a great protest poster

You will need:


Felt tip pens or paint

A large piece of paper, card or cardboard

Decide on your message

A short, bold sentence will get your message across easily

Practice your design

A protest poster needs to be eye-catching and easy to read from a distance, so try out some designs before deciding on the final layout of your poster.

Add some colour

Think about which colours would work best with your poster. Use paints or felt tip pens to make your sign bright.

What next?

Share your protest poster with family and friends or even the world by uploading to the Explorers Twitter and Facebook pages using the #PlasticsChallenge. Display your poster in a window at home for your neighbours to see and encourage them to join in too.