GCS Fundraising Officer


Reference: OPP0005418

Activities: Administration, Management and supervision, Regularly

Starts: Anytime

Closing Date: 1 April 2019

Woolsthorpe Depot - Grantham Canal

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This role is to undertake community based and commercial sponsorship fundraising activity. The aim is to engage with community groups, local communities and individuals, commercial organisations in the East Midlands and grant awarding bodies nationwide.
A volunteer bids writer will seek to attract grants and help manage fund-raising campaigns. They will be directly supported by the society chairman and chief exec/ general manager in raising awareness of the Society and its work. This is a senior role which will be in contact with diverse members of the society and its management.
The aim now is to provide focus and commitment of volunteer energy to increase the amount we secure through community and commercial fundraising.The Society needs funds to help it deliver day to day maintenance and active restoration of the Grantham Canal. This restoration, a joint project with the Canal & River Trust is working with local people to make the canal navigable and reconnected to the River Trent


Allow your creativity and idea generation to have full reign to produce novel (but successful) and traditional fundraising opportunities, with a new twist? Opportunity to work in a beautiful rural location, supporting what is termed the ‘romantic canal’. Involvement in the communities along the length of canal.
The role is key within the society and provides the opportunity to grow activities and interaction, achieving a true sense of worth and accomplishment supporting a community and economic asset for local people across the East Midlands Region.

Skills required

• Enjoy meeting people and talking about the society, not afraid to ‘make the ask’.
• IT skills – for things such as posters, leaflets etc. (PR team will support with this.)
• Creating resources for fundraising activities and advertising to diverse audiences.
• Knowledge of using social media would be very useful or work with our media gurus
• Occassioally leading a small team of people at events.

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This volunteering opportunity is run in partnership with Grantham Canal Society. Visit their website to find out more and make contact at: http://www.granthamcanal.org/