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Citizen Science Surveys

Across the West Midlands Canals, but will vary depending on the surveys


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I have lots of fun creating new habitats for the wildlife and meeting new people.
Tommy, volunteer

What's involved?

Are you interested in ecology & wildlife, and would like to learn new skills whilst contributing to research for nature recovery in the West Midlands? We are running various Citizen Science Surveys at different locations in the region, which will study the following species & groups:

• Water vole – walk or kayak/canoe a stretch of your local canal looking for signs of water voles.
• Pollinators – walk a transect recording the different species of bee and butterfly you see.
• Otter survey & sample collection – walk a stretch of your local canal looking for otter spraint (droppings).
• Bats – walk a transect recording different species of bat using a bat detector.
• Moths – measure moth species abundance using a moth lamp and sheet.
• Aquatic invertebrates – assess diversity & water quality in our waterbodies by identify the species present in a water sample.

What skills are we looking for?

No previous experience is needed as training guides will be provided to all volunteers. Our ecologists will be able to help identify what you’ve found. We aim to cover as much of the canal network as possible, so if you are interested please let us know whereabouts you are based and/or would be happy to travel to.

What will you get from us?

This is the chance to have a positive impact on your local waterway, play a leading role in recovering vulnerable species. It is a fact that being by the water makes you happier and healthier, this role allows you to both increase your own wellbeing as well as encouraging others to improve theirs.

You can participate in as many of the surveys as you would like.

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Help protect nature & wildlife

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Develop new skills

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With your help we can conserve our green and blue spaces, helping the wildlife thrive and offering people health, happiness and wellbeing on their doorstops.