We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Welcome to our new website

We’re excited to be able to show you a working version of our new website.

James Clifton and our new website James Clifton and our new website

When we started working on this new site, we imagined it would be a ‘refresh’ of what we already have. We wanted to make it easier to use, and also to fix the things that weren’t quite working for you.

Aaron the developerAs time’s gone on, we’ve realised that we needed to do some more fundamental work rather than tinkering around the edges. We want to build something that will last us into the future and be adaptable to changing needs and new technologies.

A good website never stands still and even as we get ready to launch, we’re already planning the next stages of work and anticipating the feedback we might get.

The best way to experience the new website is to have a look around, and try things out. We hope the new navigation will feel a lot simpler than the current website, but to help you find your way around, we’ve highlighted some of the new things you’ll be able to see:

  • Streamlined navigation: we have de-cluttered the main site menus based on the user testing we did in November 2014
  • New interactive maps: based on the feedback from the map A maptesting we did in February to April this year, we’ve made changes to our interactive maps. Read more about the testing we did
  • Quick links: we’ve added some quick links to some of the more popular pages on the homepage, boating landing page and in the footer which sits on all pages of the site. This includes links to the boat licensing homepage, stoppages and notices and events
  • A document library: we’ve added a central library where you can search for documents and resources
  • Expanded regional waterway pages: each of our waterway regions now has its own section which will be regularly updated with the latest news, consultations, events, plans and meetings for that area

As the site is still in beta, it’s still a work in progress. However, we wanted to put it out there to start getting feedback as we go. Some of the content hasn’t been built on the beta site yet so will still link back to our ‘old’ website until it’s been done.

Next up...

There is lots of work still to do – some of the things we’ll be focusing on in the near future are:

  • Build remaining content still linked to from the old site
  • More improvements to the maps, including adding more information on such as boat services, attractions and where to fish
  • Adding more information to the Local to You search page
  • Improvements to the notices & stoppages search
  • A media centre for all our press and filming enquiries
  • Pull in more user-generated content e.g. Trip Advisor ratings for our museums & attractions
  • A brand new fundraising area of the site

Longer term, we’ll be looking at things like user personalisation so you can save your preferences and have a more tailored version of the site depending on what you’re interested in.

Last date edited: 16 September 2015