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Lead volunteer case study

Glyn Parkes, our youth volunteer co-ordinator, tells us about Kenny Knight, a lead volunteer.

Glyn Parkes and Kenny Knight Glyn Parkes and Kenny Knight
"His ability to laugh at himself at all times is a great help in keeping up the groups' spirits." Glyn Parkes

Our lead volunteer roles offer people a great opportunity for personal development.

Here Glyn Parkes, our youth development co-ordinator, talks about Kenny Knight who spent some time as a lead volunteer with us. The experience was positive for all concerned.

"Kenny Knight first joined me as a volunteer to gain work experience in October 2014. He was struggling to find work and he wanted to keep himself busy.  

"Later that month he joined me on a Level 2 course in environmental conservation. This took place over a six month period where he worked on various tasks such as constructing new towpaths, coppicing, painting locks, dry stone walling, and removing invasive plants (Himalayan Balsam and Rhododendron) etc.  

Volunteering changes lives

"During this time Kenny helped on a social action project and uncovered an old lock that hadn’t been seen for over a hundred years. He was interviewed and appeared on BBC Midlands news talking about youth engagement and The Trust, where he was a great example for young people.

"Kenny has continued to work with me as a lead volunteer, and is helping with groups from National Citizens service and other groups who have differing abilities/disabilities. His ability to laugh at himself at all times is a great help in keeping up the groups' spirits whatever the task or weather conditions. His attitude and commitment to work has been exemplary, never missing a day, be it on the course or volunteering.

"Kenny has recently been interviewed and offered the position of heritage trainee at Etruria."

Last date edited: 12 October 2015