Marcus Topham

Marcus has been volunteering with us for over three years. Over this period his involvement has been ever increasing and the time and effort that he has committed has been substantial.

Marcus Topham with his volunteer team Marcus Topham with his volunteer team

"He really is a go to guy! We are extremely lucky to have Marcus on board.”

Matt Taylor, volunteer development co-ordinator

Name: Marcus Topham

Volunteer role: Volunteer document management coordinator & lead volunteer /lock keeper

Location: Leeds and other locations across the following regions: North West, North Wales & Borders and Manchester, Pennine & Potteries

Our Volunteering Development Co-ordinator, Alice Kay, tells us more about Marcus:

“Marcus first got involved as a volunteer lock keeper at Bingley Five Rise back in 2013 and later that year he began an additional volunteer role within the waterway engineering team. In 2015 Marcus started volunteering in the document management team due to his extensive professional experience in the field.’

“Marcus is a lead member of the volunteer team that assist staff to man the Bingley 5 rise lock flight. As such he regularly helps the team to move boats up and down the flight, offering exemplary customer service to customers.

Restoration and repair

“In addition to his lock keeping responsibilities, Marcus has worked very closely with team members on a variety of practical restoration and repair tasks. This included carrying out essential repairs to the Bingley Five Rise lock flight, working closely with our heritage team to ensure that the restoration was aesthetically faithful to the original structures.

“Marcus has taken on additional responsibilities in the last year, leading volunteers in practical works for the Every Mile Counts project as well as becoming a key lead volunteer in the North West Volunteer team. Within this role, he organises volunteer meetings and coordinates ordering necessary kit. He also helps with inducting new volunteers and familiarising them with the local area, as well as leading groups of volunteers to complete various practical tasks.

Always ready to help

Matt Taylor, volunteer development co-ordinator adds: “Marcus has been exactly what we’ve needed in the area. He’s friendly, reliable, a problem solver, approachable, a natural leader and always ready to help anyone with anything. He really is a go to guy! We are extremely lucky to have Marcus on board.”

Image shows Marcus along with other team members. Marcus is kneeling on the right hand side.

Last date edited: 31 May 2017