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John Lageu

John, a retired teacher and boat owner, has worked with us on a data transfer project since 2013.

John Lageu, volunteer, on the Oxford Canal just south of Banbury John Lageu, volunteer, on the Oxford Canal just south of Banbury
"John’s determination to proactively find out more about a problem and to work out a solution is inspiring." David Mould

Name: John Lageu

Volunteer role: Hydrology volunteer

Location: Hatton, but also works from home

David Mould from our hydrology team tells us more about working with specialist volunteer John Lageu.

“John, a retired teacher and boat owner, has worked on a data transfer project since 2013, helping us to migrate data out of a defunct database system into our modern bespoke database.

“John has provided invaluable expertise on database design and creating complex macros for processing data, and his input has been vital in enabling us to progress this complex project, also providing training and technical support to both staff and volunteers working on the project.

“John started working with us in September 2013, and continues to support us and contribute his time consistently. At the outset of the project John was contributing an average of 35 hours per month. Now the project is well-established, and his life has changed somewhat, his contribution has dropped to approximately 10 hours per month. 

Determination to succeed

“We manage the water resources of the Trust’s network, both operationally from week to week, but also more strategically with long term planning. With sound decisions being made on water resources, we are maximising the time which canals are open during extreme events (both drought and flood). 

“John has become an integral part of the team, somebody the whole team knows and who is relied upon as a resource for this project.  His determination to succeed is incredible. He has enabled the project to go ahead successfully, and so has enhanced the work of the whole team.”

Last date edited: 31 May 2017