Cookson's Canal Action Group

From picking up litter to picking up awards, as Matt Taylor from the Trust says “They’ve been a huge help to the Trust – we love working with them.”

Where are you based?

We adopted a stretch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, between bridges 4a and 5.

What made you get involved?

I’m Amy Irwin and I run the adoption for Sefton Young Advisors. I was only 18 when I set it up in 2013, but I wanted adults to take us seriously and see the commitment we were making.

What’s been your best moment?

Local residents and people who use the canal, love what we’ve done – we even won the Young Advisors Best Partnership Award in 2014. And the landlord at the Cookson’s Bridge pub has given us an outbuilding so we can store all our equipment too.

What’s next?

We’ve applied for a £2,000 scholarship which we’ll use for planting bulbs, painting our building and buying more equipment – all so we can make the canal even better for everyone who uses it.

Would you recommend adopting a canal?

Yes – everyone in our group agrees it’s a great idea. And you can see what we do here –

Are you looking for new members?

Yes we are! There’s no ‘membership’ as such, but we’d love you to join in. If you’d like to, just drop me an email –