Urban Minds App Ambassador


Reference: OPP0008241

Activities: Administration and support, Home-based, Marketing and promotion, Regularly, Surveying

Starts: 2 October 2020 to 30 November 2020

Across the waterways network , B3 1AQ

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The Trust is carrying out research into people’s feelings and lived experience of the world around them, be it on the waterways or off. The Ambassadors make this happen by being the key conduit between the Trust’s research team and a large cohort of citizen scientists across England and Wales.
- Recruiting x10 people within their community to become local Citizen Scientists, actively driving the research from within the community. Each Ambassador will aim to recruit Citizen Scientists diverse in age, gender and cultural heritage (from 16 years upwards)
- Being part of a research team [led by Jenny Shepherd @ the Trust supported by the Urban Mind team] the Ambassador will help disseminate media to support the promotion and recruitment of Citizen Scientists within the community
- Ambassadors will be asked to keep Citizen Scientist updated on research outcomes and findings as they become available, along with thanking them for their valuable involvement


-Association with ground-breaking research that collects community led and dynamic (real-time) data, enabling better understanding how different aspects of the urban environment affect mental wellbeing.
-Direct contact and collaboration with scientists, artists and landscape architects working in the field of urban health and design.
-Other spin offs related to a water based touring exhibition and a wider discussion on waterways and wellbeing
-Training on public facing research including app based research tools e.g Ecological Momentary Assessment, geo-tagging and data analysis.
-Introduction to Citizen Science processes and frameworks

Skills required

- Ambassadors will receive training from the Urban Mind team on how to use the Urban Mind app, along with processes for recruiting and supporting Citizen Scientist.

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