Leigh Canal Festival Committee Member


Reference: OPP0004016

Activities: Management and supervision

Starts: Anytime


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Committee members are responsible for the activities of the organisation. They will maintain an overview of activity and finances, as well as health and safety. They will assist directly in the organisation and delivery of the Annual Canal Festival.

Vision and leadership
? To promote the activities and values of the committee
? To ensure that agreed actions are undertaken
? To keep informed of the activities of the committee and the wider issues that affect the festival
? To ensure the committee complies with its governing documents and keeps to the law
? To ensure that good use is made of monies available
? At all times to understand the financial position
? To contribute to fundraising strategies and actively assist in fundraising


Skills required

• Understanding of and commitment to the festival.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Impartiality and fairness.
• Ability to respect confidences.
• Good time-keeping.
• Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed-up.

Specific skills sought from committee members
• Press officer: experience of social media, marketing
• Boater liaison: boater, good communication and organisation skills
• Health and Safety: experience of risk assessment, briefings, implementation on site
• Community liaison/representative: demonstrated good links with local community, good communication skills, ideally lives in local community
• Young person liaison: demonstrated good links with young people or groups and ability to get young people engaged in local activities, good communication skills
• Activities organiser: great ideas for relevant activities and events, ability to identify suitable delivery partners, ideas for fundraising to cover costs

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