Litter Ranger Huddersfield Narrow Canal



Starts: Anytime

Huddersfield Narrow canal

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What's involved?

Volunteer Litter Rangers are part of the Canal & River Trust’s team working to clear the towpaths of litter. They volunteer with us to make a difference to the canals and rivers they care about.
As a Volunteer Litter Ranger, you will help make sure the towpaths are an enjoyable place for everyone; reporting any issues that you see and keeping the towpath clean. The great thing about this is role is that you can do more if you want to and work it around your schedule

What's in it for you?

This opportunity is flexible so will suit someone with a few hours to spare each week, although you can dedicate more time if you choose to. This is the chance to have a positive impact on your local waterway; helping visitors and other local people to value and appreciate it. It is a fact that being by the water makes you happier and healthier, this role allows you to both increase your own wellbeing as well as encouraging others to improve theirs

What skills are we looking for?

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