We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Support page for active volunteers

This page provides support resources for active volunteers including expense claims, links to our induction website and more.

Volunteer with the Canal & River Trust Volunteer with the Canal & River Trust

Thank you for giving your time to support the aims of the Trust. This page gives a number of support resources either if you’re new to the Trust or have been volunteering for some time.

Vision and Values - short film

The Trust – who are we? - short film

Recent updates:

Here are updates which are circulated around the Trust’s employees each week giving updates of where the Trust has been in the press, what our Chief Executive Richard Parry is doing and other key activities which we feel are important

Communications update

13 January 2017 (PDF format 333KB)

16 December 2016 (PDF format 752KB)

9 December 2016 (PDF format 484KB)

Induction materials:

When you start volunteering, we aim to give you all the information you require about your role, what the Trust does and what support there is for you.

Visit our induction website which is for all new volunteers, employees and contractors. This is designed to give a more detailed background into the Trust and includes a virtual flythrough of a section of canal, explaining different elements, what they are, how they’re managed, legislation that we have to comply with and much more. This is password protected; speak to your task manager for the login details.

Here’s our Volunteer Statement which your task manager should run through with you in the early days of your volunteering. It’s an informal agreement setting out what both the Trust and the volunteer can expect from the relationship.

Claiming expenses:

Your Volunteer’s Handbook tells you about claiming expenses and what you can claim. You claim through our online expenses system (Selima). If you have not already been sent an email inviting you to log on to this, please speak to your task manager.

The system is relatively intuitive and helps speedy, secure claims to be made without the need for paperwork. Here’s a quick guide for how to log in, add your details and make a claim.

Selima website link to login page.

Selima Champions are there to help. They are volunteers who can support anyone new to claiming online. To find your local Champion, please contact us.

For any further support or feedback please call or email us (manned during office hours)

0303 040 4040


Recording volunteer time

We record  volunteer time to help show how much people are giving both locally and nationally. Last year (Apr 15 - Mar 16) volunteers gave 482,000 hours with a notional value of £7.6m to the Trust. Thank you!

Time is recorded through the expense sheets above. If you're not claiming expenses, you can use this new Contribution Record sheet. Agree how you use it with your Task Manager. 

Safety Management

All our safety management is determined by our Safety Policy. All volunteering which we either supervise directly or work with a partner group for you to manage elements of yourself in agreed ways, are covered by our Public Liability Insurance 2016.

Reporting accidents: please report any accidents directly to your line manager. We also aim to report 'Near Miss' incidents, where an accident nearly happens. This helps us learn more to ensure that we have fewer accidents in the future. Use this Near Miss form to report them and hand it in to your task manager.

 Partner Groups' information

We aim to manage the safety of the numerous partner groups that we work with pragmatically and jointly. We will agree the works that we plan together, how they’re managed and when they’ll happen.

  • We meet you to talk through the different elements of safety management, what you’re able and keen to do yourselves and what support is needed from the Trust’s team using this logging sheet
  • We will agree tasks which we can get on with straight away together, tasks which need more planning within agreed timescales and those which need considerable planning and/or may not be possible using a simple traffic lighting sheet.
  • We will complete a simple management programme for all the work that we do with you.

Last date edited: 13 January 2017