News article created on 9 March 2022

New British Science Week Resources

This year to celebrate British Science Week (11 - 20 March) we’re celebrating all things STEM on our waterways by launching some brand-new activities for schools.

British Science Week 2022

Taking you on a journey of science and engineering at the Canal & River Trust we start by looking at how narrowboats are designed with a presentation about elevation and an activity on using plans to gather mathematical information.

Next, we see how the environment around the canals can affect them by learning about the impact of eutrophication and then understanding the process with a storyboard activity.

Travelling further underwater we take a look at what happens when pollution gets into our waterways and understand how types of macroinvertebrates in water can be an indication of water quality in a survey activity.

Finally we keep boats moving through locks using gears, with a practical activity to understand how mechanisms work.