Year of Green Action 2019

We are proud to be partnering with Defra and the #IWill4nature campaign to support the 2019 Year of Green Action (YoGA).

Desmond Family Canoe Trail Desmond Family Canoe Trail.
The Year of Green Action is about connecting people, of all ages, from all walks of life and from all across the country with nature and showing how we can all take positive action to improve our environment.
It’s a year-long drive to help everyone get involved in projects that support nature and improve the natural world in our own gardens, schools or workplaces, and as consumers.
To coincide with this, the #iwill campaign, Defra, and a group of 25 environment and youth-sector partners (including us) are spearheading activity to drive a new agenda forward – with young people at its heart. This includes appointing young ambassadors to drive environmental action in their communities and encourage environmental volunteering such as litter picking, planting pollinator-friendly flowers or fundraising to maintain or enhance green spaces.

Scout resources

We are working with the Scouts to refresh our 'A million hands' partnership to tackle plastic pollution in our waterways.

We've created a set of resources to support Scout groups to plan and lead green social action that will have a local impact, and work towards tackling the global issue of plastic pollution. We're empowering young people to take action that will benefit their communities and beyond.

Youth Panel

Youth in action on the canal

We are also recruiting for our national Year of Green Action Youth Panel. This will be a group of young leaders who share and shape our programme for 2019.

Last date edited: 21 March 2019