News article created on 22 November 2016

Visit to Elland Bridge

Hear more from our Digital Edge member Amir, on his trip to Elland Bridge earlier on this year.

Amir from Digital Edge

In late August we took a trip to our very own local canal to have a look at Elland Bridge, which was destroyed during floods at Christmas.

It was really interesting to see the work on the bridge taking place and we spoke to some of the workmen about the huge job that was involved. We also met a group of lovely ‘older’ gents who were delighted to see some of us ‘youngsters’ on the canal enjoying the peace and wildlife.

During our visit we saw some pretty rare wildlife including a Heron and another species of bird that the older gents got quite excited about! We also took a picture of what we thought was a really nice wildflower – turns out it was the invasive species, The Himalayan Balsam. Isn’t it weird how something so pretty can still be dangerous to other wildlife…

We hope to visit Elland Bridge again in the near future to get a closer look at the work that’s being done.

Amir – Digital Edge

Digital Edge are a team of young people working with the Trust to get even more young people involved in volunteering. To find out more about our work with young people visit our youth engagement pages.


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