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Hear more from Digital Edge member Ben as he talks of his experiences of working a short film for #iWillWeek

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As part of my involvement with Digital Edge, a group of young people helping the Trust to promote opportunities to young people, I took part in the process of making a short film to tell as many people as possible about Social Action. We worked with a local marketing agency to write, record and edit the film which we hope the Trust will use during #iWillWeek!

It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a film project, other than ones at college, so it was really exciting to see all the work that goes on before the camera man shouts ‘Action!’

On the 1st of November, members of Digital Edge met at our ‘office’ to talk about a new project. We didn’t know much about it at first, just that we needed to help promote social action to young people across the country. We knew that young people engaged most with video content, so thought making a short film telling people about social action was the way forward. We worked with the Trust to write and fine-tune a script and sent it to the Trust to see if there were any changes necessary. We had to move fast and time constraints meant we had to film the next day!

For the filming day, other members of Digital Edge, Faye & Ffion and I met the film crew at the canal near West Vale (Salterhebble Canal Basin). We got to the site and on the day it was a bit cold however, this didn’t take away from the view. We then set up, shook off the nervous energy as the camera crew helped us pick some shots and tested the sound. We had a quick run through of the script and then filmed it for real (there were a few bloopers – but the laughs kept our mind off the cold!). We filmed some b-roll, or cut-away, shots so the film wouldn’t just be us talking to camera for two minutes and everything was sent to edit back at the office.

The marketing agency showed us the basics of editing, which was quite complicated but really interesting at the same time. We helped to pick which shots/takes that we liked and those we didn’t and then once the first edit was done we got to give our feedback.

It was amazing to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes to produce a short film, and just goes to show that the more you plan something, the better it usually turns out. Whilst I don’t see myself getting behind (or in front) of a camera again any time soon, it was an exciting experience and helped build my confidence. I eventually want to go into a career in marketing so it was interesting to see what it’s really like working with an agency. Fingers crossed the film gets watched and shared thousands of time – but either way it’s some great experience and it’s going straight on my CV.

Ben Whitehead – Digital Edge

Take a look at the finished video below


Digital Edge are a team of young people working with the Trust to get even more young people involved in volunteering. To find out more about our work with young people visit our youth engagement pages.

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