A Million Hands

We’re proud to be part of A Million Hands, a national partnership project led by The Scout Association. Launched in October 2015, our aim is to engage half a million young people in social action projects across the country.

Scouts form pocket adoption groups Scouts adoption group

Scouts adoption group

We know that living waterways transform places and enrich lives. Our canals and rivers are cherished outdoor spaces which enable visitors to take a breath of fresh air and relax. Through A Million Hands, the Scout groups are able to use our beautiful waterways to improve the lives of people in the local community.

A Million Hands is about making our communities better places to live.

This year we are partnering with scout groups across the country to raise awareness and take practical action on plastic and litter pollution.

We spend around £1m a year on rubbish disposal and litter picking but we don’t get it all. It estimated that 80% of litter that ends up in the oceans starts and litter dropped on land. Our waterways are one of the ways it travels to our seas.

We are asking Scouts to learn about the cause then take action on a section of canal near home, during the summer of 2019.

Get started

Are you a scout leader looking to take action on a canal or river near you?

Here are two great ways to get started:

  • Register on the A Million Hands website and download your free activity pack
  • Tell us what you're planning by emailing us at millionhands@canalrivertrust.org.uk. Include:
    • name of group
    • contact details for the leader
    • where your project is
    • what you're planning and when



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