Locks and traditional masonry arch bridges are key features of our canals and rivers, and we are continually working to restore and maintain them. Approximately 16% of our bridges and almost 40% of our locks are listed.

Employee repointing wall Maintenance work on wall

These statistics give an indication of the number of listed structures we own and the number of local authorities that we are dealing with. The exact numbers are currently being carefully checked to inform the Order.

  • Out of just over 5,000 bridges owned by the Trust in England and Wales, over 800 are listed traditional arch masonry bridges in England. That is approximately 16% of our bridges that are listed.

  • Out of almost 1,600 locks owned in England and Wales, 650 are listed in England. That is almost 40% of our locks.

  • Our ‘Manchester & Pennine’ Waterway has the largest concentration of listed locks and bridges: 305.

  • Cheshire East is the local authority that has the largest number of combined listed locks and bridges: 139.

  • We are dealing with over 90 local authorities for works to listed locks and bridges, and over 60% of recorded communication with local authorities is for works to our bridges and locks.

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Last date edited: 16 July 2015