Heritage Report

Each year we produce a retrospective report focusing on the actions we are taking to care for the heritage of the waterways. This is publicly available and it summarises and reflects upon the past year’s heritage activity and performance.

We care passionately about our canals and rivers and want to preserve their historic significance for future generations to enjoy far into the future, and for the waterways to be special places that are loved and valued today by local residents and visitors alike. 

We are responsible for the care of 2,663 listed buildings and 46 scheduled monuments over 2000 miles. The heritage we care for is free to access and use; it provides an everyday, local connection to our past.

Richard Parry, chief executive at the Canal & River Trust, said: “Championing and protecting the historic environment of the waterways is a key area of our work. We’re proud of the many historic sites and buildings we have worked on and improved, and of the contribution our volunteers have once again made to a variety of heritage works and projects.”

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Last date edited: 23 February 2021