Winter works "gone crazy"

We met Richard and Mark at Callis lock, where they speak of past flooding and being away from home

Richard & Mark, Callis Lock Richard & Mark, Callis Lock

It’s major works, massive, massive works to do! We were booked in just to do the winter maintenance works here, but now because of the floods it’s gone crazy. The floods took fibre optic cables, the wall, round the lock. It’s worse than was first thought. It’s devastating.

The sign says ‘bear with us, we will fix it’. Can you fix it?

There’s a lot of work and it’s going to take a while. We’re waiting for special equipment, supplies and extra people to arrive so that we can start. The rain’s been heavy all morning. We worked here in the floods of 2012 too. That bit of the towpath over there was what we fixed then. Now all the bits underneath have been washed away in this flood, but the part we fixed is still there!

We’re staying up the road. I’m from Shropshire, he’s from Bala. We work all over and it can be tough at times. I’ve got a Mrs and baby at home. We’re going home tonight.

Richard & Mark, Callis Lock (no.13), Hebden Bridge, Rochdale Canal

Last date edited: 12 February 2016