Pub clean up

Cobblestones pub re-opens with help from local friends

Kat, ‘Cobblestones’, Sowerby Bridge Kat, ‘Cobblestones’, Sowerby Bridge

The water came up from the canal through the front door. We could see the water rising so everybody got on board and started helping.

All of the staff took as much as we could upstairs. It ended up going quite a way up the bar. The fridges broke, but we managed to save most things. The phone never stopped ringing with people saying they couldn’t get here.

It was meant to be our busiest time of year! Everyone helped with the clean-up. Getting the water out and cleaning everything. We flooded on Saturday, and we were open again by Tuesday!

Kat, ‘Cobblestones’, Sowerby Bridge

Last date edited: 16 February 2016