Meet 'Frog' the pirate

Continuous cruiser Frog talks about life on her boat

‘Frog’, between locks 18 & 19, Todmorden, Rochdale Canal ‘Frog’, between locks 18 & 19, Todmorden, Rochdale Canal

I live on the boat with my fella. I love living on a boat. We’re pirates! I’ve got George, my parrot too, he’s rescued so I don’t keep him in a cage. He was a bit nasty when I first got him, but someone told me that I should take him in the bath with me. It worked! and he’s been fine ever since. I’ve got a tortoise too, he comes out on the towpath in the summer. People say they’re slow. I don’t know where they get that from, he’s not slow! ‘Stormy Normy’ can’t half scurry across the boat.

And the wildlife here, it’s unbelievable, we even name them ‘Hero’ the heron wakes us up at half past 5 every morning. And Derek, is the duck that can’t quack. Then there’s the ducks that tap-tap-tap on the boat at half past 7 every morning for food. They’re Sylvia, Janet and Desmond.

Yes, I love living on a boat, it’s like living on holiday every day, but it was scary on Boxing Day when the flood happened. Everyone was texting me and saying “Bet you’re glad you’re on a boat, aren’t you!” But they don’t realise what can happen on a boat, do they? As the water started rising everyone helped, we tried to rock the boats away from the towpath, but the water was just too fast. The pub had it bad too. It was a mess! There was an army of people helping there too. It really is a community spirit. Really nice. I’ve gotta say this is the friendliest place I’ve ever stopped at. I’m usually continuously cruising and we were planning to keep moving, until the Christmas floods stopped us. Someone said it might be until September before we can get through. Great place to get stuck though!

‘Frog’, “Between locks 18 & 19”, Todmorden, Rochdale Canal

Last date edited: 16 February 2016