Comfort food for all

Sheila's baking helps give energy to hungry helpers

Graham & Sheila Todmorden, Rochdale Canal Graham & Sheila Todmorden, Rochdale Canal

She’s known as ‘cake-lady’. From date and walnut cake to scones, she bakes all sorts, there’s even steak and kidney pies on our boat right now.

When we first met, Sheila was a bus driver, so she does the driving on the boat and for her, the only difference is the end she steers from! Yes, she was a good catch!

When the Boxing Day flood happened Sheila made loads of cakes, pies and sarnies and handed them out to all of the people who were helping. And when everyone turned up to help clean out the water from the Golden Lion pub, she helped again by taking sausages and sarnies over. The pub was in a real mess. We all helped, everyone did. There’s a real community spirit here. Everyone pulled together to sort the boats out.

We were moored up, sitting inside the boat on the day of the flood. We watched the water rise and it came up so much that we just thought, “Well, we’re about to float onto the towpath!” It was awful. But we survived it... it’s not like it happens every day.

Graham & Sheila, Todmorden, Rochdale Canal

Last date edited: 15 February 2016