Brian's Boat

Meeting Brian who is seeing his boat for the first time since the floods

Brian, above Shop Lock (No.18), Todmorden Brian, above Shop Lock (No.18), Todmorden

Today is the first time I have seen my boat since it happened. I wasn’t on the boat when the flood took it. They said there was little point coming back because there was nothing I could do. It was a big worry. The TV cameras are here today, but no, I don’t want to talk to their camera.

I’m grateful to everyone helping. When the flood started they say there were about 15 people here trying to rock my boat back into the canal, but they couldn’t do it because the water was so strong. Some boats have been pulled under, so it’s better than that. Inside, there’s not a cupboard door open or anything. The last time we were on our boat we had a cuppa, washed the mugs up and left them upside down on the draining board. And they’re still there!

Brian, above Shop Lock (No.18), Todmorden, Rochdale Canal

Last date edited: 15 February 2016