Tiered consultation zone

Local Planning Authorities in England and Wales have been provided with GIS data showing the notified areas relevant to consultation with the Canal & River Trust on planning applications.

Specific notified areas exist for:

  • ‘Household’ and ‘Minor’ scale development, which also apply to prior approvals of certain permitted electronic communications apparatus
  • ‘Major’ scale and ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ development.

The notified area for Household and Minor scale development has in general been reduced from a blanket 150m either side of the waterway to a maximum of 50m from the relevant waterway. There are exceptions to this to address the presence of assets such as reservoirs, cuttings and embankments or because of the nature of the waterway. In such instances the notified area has been set to 75m or 150m from the relevant waterway.

For further information on our role as a statutory consultee please refer to The Trust as a statutory consultee for planning applications.

Last date edited: 18 November 2020