Hybrid Bills

Hybrid Bills have the characteristics of both Public and Private Bills. Changes to the law proposed by a Hybrid Bill would normally affect the general public but would also have a significant impact for specific individuals or groups.

The Canal & River Trust actively encourages early involvement with the Promoter at every stage of a Hybrid Bill to ensure that our assets and interests are protected and that any impacts are mitigated.  For example, we made representations at the Bill Preparation stage for the Crossrail Bill and secured Protective Provisions in the Crossrail Act 2008.

We are currently engaged in the High Speed Two (HS2) project, which intersects with our network in 12 locations. The route has been modified to take into account our consultation responses with the raising of the height of the track bed to provide adequate navigational clearance at 2 no. crossing points on the Trent & Mersey Canal near Fradley Junction, Lichfield.  A Canal & River Trust/HS2 Interface Group has been established to aid further discussions on environmental and engineering process as part of the Bill Preparation before the Hybrid Bill is laid before Parliament in late 2013.

Please contact Ian Runeckles, Strategic Planning Manager to discuss further. ian.runeckles@britishwaterways.co.uk  

Last date edited: 22 July 2015