Nationally significant infrastructure projects and other consent regimes

The Canal & River Trust is actively involved in a wide range of nationally significant projects. These include:

  • Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects;
  • Transport & Work Order Acts (TWOAs); and
  • Hybrid Bills

Such projects are determined having regard to the relevant National Policy Statements (NPS), which set out Government policy on energy, transport, water, waste water and waste and include the Government’s objectives for the development of nationally significant infrastructure in the relevant sector.  The Trust is a consultee for NPSs.  Where the Secretary of State proposes to designate or amend a NPS, there is a duty to consult the Trust “where a NPS is likely to affect inland waterways or land adjacent to inland waterways”.

The Trust has made, and will continue to make, representations on NPSs to ensure that the policies in the NPS are flexible enough to be able to respond to the inherent constraint of the waterways as a ‘non-footloose’ asset and the particular land-use implications which arise, including:

  • impacts on the waterways and the visitor economy;
  • impacts on the waterways and delivery of urban regeneration, renewal and growth;
  • impacts on the waterways and rural development, regeneration and diversification;
  • impacts on waterways and health;
  • impacts on waterways as heritage and cultural assets; and
  • impacts on waterways as an environmental and water resource.

Please contact the relevant Area Planner to discuss further.

Last date edited: 22 July 2015