Anderton Boat Lift between the Weaver Navigation and the Trent & Mersey Canal


From Date: 27/09/2016 00:15

To Date: 27/09/2016 23:45 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Maintenance

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Weaver Navigation

Starts at: Anderton Boat Lift

Ends at: Anderton Boat Lift


23/09/2016 15:03

The planned investigation work which will take place on Tuesday 27th September 2016 is a result of investigations that have already occurred. We will now be undertaking more in-depth investigations in to the current Hydraulic issue we have with the lift. This work involves accessing areas of the lift that are not accessible while the Lift is operational. 


Work is to be under taken to investigate repairs that are required to the Hydraulic System on the Anderton Boat Lift.