Lock 21e to Lock 23e - Obstruction in navigation, due to vandalism


From Date: 07/06/2023 12:15

To Date: 30/11/2023 09:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Starts at: Lock 21 East, Waterside Lock

Ends at: Lock 23 East


30/11/2023 09:00

We have removed the posts and reset them in position. We were unable to find the rails, we're assuming they were stolen and weighed in. A number of boats have been through the area and not encountered any difficulty so it would seem they are not in the bottom of the canal and multiple attempts with grappling hooks and magnets haven't been successful. Customers can now navigate the area as normal.

07/06/2023 13:34

The team have been to the site and obtained a clearer indication of where these obstructions may be.

Poles were taken from bolted in posts from fencing between Lock 22 east and Lock 23 east, so we ask skippers of all crafts to slow down and approach the area with caution.

The stone slabs were pushed in from the bridge at Lock 21 east, just above lock 20 east, so  we ask skippers of all crafts to slow down and approach the area with caution.

Unfortunately , the local team are unable to remove these items as the pounds would need to be dewatered and equipment needed to obtain them.

So we ask skippers to be cautious in the area from top of Lock 20 east to Lock 23 east.


There is currently an obstruction(s) in the navigation between Lock 21 east to Lock 23 east that have been caused by vandalism of objects stones and poles thrown into the canal.

Movement is very restricted.

The team will be out to assess and to try and remove the objects from the canal.

We will update the notice when we have further information.