Winkwell Swing Bridge, Bridge 147


From Date: 08/01/2024 08:00

To Date: 07/04/2024 16:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Grand Union Canal

Starts at: Bridge 147, W'Well Swingbridge

Ends at: Bridge 147, W'Well Swingbridge

Upstream winding hole: Winding Hole, Cow Roast

Downstream winding hole: Winding Hole, Winkwell


02/04/2024 08:18

Unfortunately, as the team were commissioning the bridge on March 14, the gearbox broke. We now need restrictive access to the bridge whilst we fix the issue to return the bridge to functionality. The navigation and towpath will remain open at all times. Restriction as follows

The Navigation and Towpath will remain open at all times

March 25  - Access across bridge

March 26 - No contractors on site - No access across bridge

March 27-28  - Restrictions across bridge contractors welding and installing new Gearbox

March 29 -  April Easter Weekend - No Contractors on site  - No access across bridge

April 2-3 Access across bridge

April 4-5 Bridge will be open

April 7th -  Road closure ends


A stoppage is required to carry out Installation of wedge, wigwag and barriers.