Atherstone Lock 1 & 5, Coventry Canal


From Date: 12/08/2022 15:30

To Date: On-going

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: Water resources

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Coventry Canal

Starts at: Lock 1, Atherstone Top Lock

Ends at: Lock 5

Upstream winding hole: Atherstone Top Lock

Downstream winding hole: Bridge 48


06/08/2022 18:09

We'd like to confirm that Atherstone Locks will remain open for navigation after 12th August.  This is just a restriction on navigation times, and not a closure, as mistakenly listed in our  water resources email sent on Friday 5th August.

We apologise for this error and any confusion caused,  Thank you for your patience and help in managing our water resources, which is making a big difference in keeping most of our network open.


To conserve our water resources in this continuing hot and dry weather, restrictions on lock opening times will need to be in place.

The opening times will be 6:30 - 15:30. The last boat through will be 15:30 and the lock will be closed at 17:00

Boaters wanting to pass through the five locks are advised to leave plenty of time to navigate through the flight before 17:00.

After a relatively dry late spring and summer, levels in reservoirs are lower than normal for the time of year. In order to maximise the available water the Trust is taking the sensible precaution of locking targeted locks up overnight.

This measure is intended to reduce the potential for water losses overnight. We will continue to monitor our reservoir storage and canal opening hours with a view to keeping disruption to a minimum whilst balancing a need to save water.

Thank you for your patience.