Selby Swingbridge - not operating due to electricial fault and heat


From Date: 18/05/2022 08:45

To Date: 22/05/2022 17:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Structure failure

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Selby Canal

Starts at: Selby Swingbridge 1

Ends at: Selby Swingbridge 1


20/05/2022 10:50

The bridge is operational and will continue to be over the weekend.

We will closely monitor the operation of the swingbridge as the cooler weather is enabling the swingbridge to function at the moment.

19/05/2022 14:29

We will be carrying out a 9am penn only tomorrow as later on in the day the heat swells the bridge making it unable to be operated.


Selby Swingbridge is unable to swing due to an electricial fault and the heat.

There will be no passage available today. But we will have assistance to carry out a one off penn tomorrow at 9am.

We will update the notice shortly after this on the decisions to be made going forward to this swingbridge.