Dowley Gap Embankment


From Date: 07/11/2022 08:00

To Date: 17/03/2023 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Starts at: Bridge 205, Scourer Bridge

Ends at: Bridge 206, Dowley Gap Changeline Bridge

Upstream winding hole: Winding Hole, U/S Scourer Bridge. Inbetween Bridges 204 & 205.

Downstream winding hole: Winding Hole, U/S Hirst Swing Bridge.


A stoppage is required.

A Contractor is undertaking 180 meters of concrete lining 1/4 of the canal width, complete with downstand, concrete washwall with high level stonework and dummy copings with exposed aggregate finish.

Due to the extent of this work, the navigation will not be able to be reopened for the Christmas period and will remain closed. 


01/06/2022 22:24 - Ian clarke

This again is programmed to finish after the start of the cruising season
After Eshton rd lock I have no confidence this will be completed on time.