Thane Road Bridge, Nottingham & Beeston Canal (Boots main entrance)


From Date: 18/09/2021 00:00

To Date: 14/12/2021 23:59 inclusive

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Nottingham & Beeston Canal

Starts at: Bridge 17 Thane Road

Ends at: Bridge 17 Thane Road


23/09/2021 09:58

Due to a redesign of the scaffolding necessitated by the conditions encountered on-site, elements of the scaffolding will now need to be lifted in from above. This means that delays of up to 2 hours may be encountered on Friday 24th September from 10am, and Wednesday 29th September from 10AM.  

It is hoped to have these works completed by midday, however they may be affected by weather and windspeed.  

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but this change has been made in the interest of safety for all parties. 

16/09/2021 09:18

Please note that the start date of these works, including towpath diversion, mooring restriction and some vegetation clearance, has been brought forward to Saturday 18th September.  

Additionally, early in the week commencing 20th September, an overhead cradle will be being used to carry out detailed inspection of some elements of the bridge.  A banksman will be present on the towpath to look out for boats and advise, if necessary, what if any action is required to ensure safe passage.  


Contractors Volker-Laser (working on behalf of Boots PLC) will be carrying out refurbishment works to the old Thane Road Bridge.  These will have a variety if impacts on our customers:

  • There will be scaffolding under the bridge restricting the headroom over the navigation to 2.6m (approximately 8 foot 6 inches).  This is still higher than many permanent structures on the Notts-Beeston and should not unduly impact users, but care should be taken when travelling under the bridge.
  • Moorings will be suspended under and between the two bridges (new and old road bridges.  This is to enable the site to be secured and to keep everyone safe.  Moorings will remain available either side of the bridges. 
  • The towpath under the bridges will be closed, and a short step-free diversion will be implemented using existing paths and road crossings in the vicinity.  This will be signed.  (Access to moorings along the closed, downstream towpath will remain possible). 

A pontoon/scaffold arrangement may be present in the canal for parts of the works.  This will be moved aside to enable passage of craft if required. 

Please take care when approaching the works. 

If requested, please follow any advice/instructions given by the contractors working on-site. 

We ask all users to be patient while these essential maintenance/refurbishment works are undertaken.