Lock 13 - Detached head paddle frame


From Date: 26/05/2021 15:00

To Date: 02/06/2021 15:15 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Structure failure

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Rochdale Canal

Starts at: Lock 13

Ends at: Lock 14


02/06/2021 15:16

New update. Thankfully the problem was just a wedge used to hold the paddle frame in was stuck out a bit too much which has been sorted now and the navigation is fully open once again. Thank you for your support during these essential works.

02/06/2021 13:15

The paddle frame is now set, unfortunately the paddle will not fit back in the frame. We will have to get our access equipment and sort it out. This will take a few hours to get on site. We will send an update to inform you as soon as we have more information. Again we apologise for the inconvenience but will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as we can. We will update at 5pm as to whether we think we can fix it or if it's going to take longer.

01/06/2021 15:58

The dive team have been on site and replaced the paddle frame in it's enclosure, We will have to wait for the sealant to go off (24hrs) until it is safe to use. The lock will unfortunately have to remain closed until tomorrow afternoon when we will be able to open it completely without restrictions. In the meantime thank you for your continuing patience with these emergency works and we hope it hasn't inconvenienced our customers too badly.

01/06/2021 11:12

A navigation closure has been placed on Lock 13 and including Lock 14 as we have divers carrying out an inspection and further repair work.

We will update the notice when the works have been completed.

31/05/2021 08:15

Please be advised that if you require assisted passage through Lock 13 today 0900-1500, please contact Customer Service on 0303 040 4040. They will make contact with the local Operative to attend and assist.

28/05/2021 21:15

The local team have returned to undertake further repair work and we are now able to provide assisted passage through this lock for the bank holiday weekend.

One of our team will be on site 0900 - 1500 Saturday 29th May to Monday 31st May, inclusive, to provide assisted passage. Please note that outside of these hours the lock will be closed to navigation and we will be unable to provide assisted passage.

On Tuesday 1st June, the navigation closure will return for the day to allow the diving team access to undertake the permanent repair and, with this complete, the navigation should be reopened without restrictions.

28/05/2021 12:52

The temporary repair at Lock 13 has sealed the paddle chamber, however unfortunately the lock is still inoperable.

Divers will be attending Lock 13 to carry out investigation & repair works on Tuesday the 1st of June.

This notice will be updated accordingly once divers have attended site.


The offside head paddle frame has become detached from the wall, so the paddle can no longer be held in place therefore making this unusable.

We are hoping to undertake a temporary repair this afternoon to return the lock back to use.

We will update this notice when we receive further information.