Between Edgbaston Tunnel North East Portal and Bridge 85, St James Road, Worcester & Birmingham Canal


From Date: 05/03/2021 08:00

To Date: 31/03/2021 17:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

Starts at: Edgbaston Tunnel

Ends at: Bridge 85, St James Road


The navigation and towpath remain open. Amco Griffen, on behalf of Network Rail, will be installing a new boundary fence. Majority of the works will be carried out behind the temporary Heras panels on the railway side of the towpath. Towpath users will be escorted through the work area by banksman should the need arise. We kindly ask customers to take extra care and follow directions.

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