Towpath improvements from Gloucestershire College to Monk Meadow Basin.


From Date: 20/07/2020 08:00

To Date: 10/10/2020 18:00 inclusive

Type: Towpath Closure

Reason: Maintenance

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Starts at: Bridge 24, Llanthony Lift Bridge

Ends at: Monk Meadow Oil Dock


20/07/2020 11:18

Gloucester & Sharpness Towpath Works

Further to the information below, please be aware that these improvements will now be commencing on Monday 20th July, two days earlier than previously notified. The moorings at the front of Sainsbury’s will remain suspended for approximately 12 weeks, until work is complete.

In addition, there are some changes to the programme and planned closures, as below:-

Phase One: We will be working on the section from the College and St Anne Way Bridge to Sainsbury’s, between 20th July and 10th August. Pedestrian access will be possible throughout, but it is important that cyclists dismount when passing the works.

Phase Two:  The towpath from Sainsbury’s and around Monk Meadow basin will be closed to the public from August 10th until 10th September. Improvements around the basin will be completed in two separate sections so that pedestrian access to the moorings only can be maintained.

Phase Three: The area fronting Sainsbury’s and under St. Anne Way bridge (where the compound was established) will be completed by 10th October. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout, although there may be brief closures to for some site operations, such as to move plant around safely.

We will make every effort to keep this information up to date, but things may change at short notice, due to variables such as weather, local site conditions and the contractor’s rate of progress. Please take care when passing the site, follow any advice from contractors staff and observe local signage which will carry up to date information


We are pleased to advise that work will be starting on 22nd July to improve the towpath from Gloucestershire College, under St. Annes Way Bridge, to the areas fronting Sainsbury’s, (the Crest Nicholson development) and around Monk Meadow Basin.

Plant will be delivered to a compound in front of Sainsbury’s during week commencing 15th July, which unfortunately means that the moorings here will be suspended from this date, until work is complete.

The improvements will proceed in 3 phases, only one phase will be closed at a time.

Phase 1 : The section from the College, under St Annes Way bridge to the compound near Sainsbury’s will be closed from the 22nd July and open by the 25th August.

Phase 2: The section from Sainsbury’s around Monk Meadow Dock will be closed from the 26th August and open by the 18th September.

Phase 3:  The area fronting Sainsbury’s where the compound is sited will be closed from the 19th September and open by the 16th October.

We will endeavour to minimise any change to these dates, but progress could be affected by adverse weather or other factors and we will appreciate everyone’s patience should this occur.

We know that these works are likely to cause some inconvenience in the short term, for which we apologise, but the new towpath will prove an asset once completed and we ask everyone to assist by observing the closures, to help us ensure that everyone stays safe.

Local signage will be posted on site to keep customers and visitors informed and this notice will be updated throughout the project, as required.

Please contact us on if you would like to discuss this information with a member of our Customer Service Team.