Bridgwater Docks


From Date: 26/06/2020 08:00

To Date: On-going

Type: Advice

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Bridgwater & Taunton Canal

Starts at: Admiral Court Services

Ends at: Admiral Court Services


Please be aware that the presence of Blue Green Algae has been reported in Bridgwater Docks.

These algae appear as, turbid green or blue green water,  pea like soup, grass cuttings, floating mats, or as a scum like blue green paint.

Swallowing the water can cause stomach upsets or more serious effects. Contact with the water or algal scum can cause skin or eye problems.

All customers should avoid contact with the scum and water close to it and take extra care to keep children and animals away from affected areas.

Please contact us at  if you would like to discuss this notice with our Customer Support Team.