Foss Bank Flood Alleviation Scheme, Lincoln, Fossdyke Canal. (Opposite University Halls of Residence and Visitor Moorings)


From Date: 09/11/2020 08:00

To Date: 12/03/2021 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Fossdyke Canal

Starts at: Access Point

Ends at: Bridge 7, Brayford New Bridge


Contractors JBA Bentley, working on behalf of the Environment Agency, will be installing a new offside waterway wall and flood defence along nearly 300m of the north bank of the Fossdyke in Lincoln.  The works will be opposite the visitor moorings outside the University Halls of Residence. 

Access to the facilities block will be maintained from the west, but will not be possible from the east (Brayford Pool/Lincoln side).   

Work on this significant flood defence project will take place both before and after Christmas but there will be a window for navigation over the Christmas period, from 19th December 2020 until 3rd January 2021.

04/05/2020:  The information above is a draft notice of works planned as part of our winter 2020/21 stoppages programme.  This is subject to change depending on the latest advice from the UK government on coronavirus.  Please follow our guidance relating to coronavirus when using the canals and towpaths


07/08/2020 21:55 - Chantelle Grundy Access and Environment Officer British Canoeing

British Canoeing have been made aware of a notice of works on the Fossdyke Canal.
Clearly the works are essential, however if access is prevented, there will be a significant impact for Lincoln Canoe Club who are based on the Brayford Pool and paddle the affected section of the Fossdyke numerous times a week for training purposes for national and for some international regattas; and club recreational paddlers. There would also be a significant impact for the many independent paddlers who enjoy paddling the popular Fossdyke.

British Canoeing's notes the following:
The proposed period of works is for an extended period - 4 months, during the winter period, with a potential significant impact on Lincoln Canoe Club and independent paddlers in the area. There is a promoted paddle trail along the Fossdyke, along the affected section completing at The Brayford Pool.
There is a lack of alternative options to paddle:
The River Witham beyond Stamp End has a portage which is challenging for less experienced paddlers, and due to Covid-19 guidelines coaches are restricted in the physical support they can give due to social distancing, as such the club would find it challenging to use this section as an alternative.
The Upper Witham has restricted access over the winter period due to 2 low University of Lincoln Bridges, as such any heavy rain and access is not possible, so again this would not be a satisfactory alternative.
Due to Covd-19 Lincoln Canoe Club's current sessions are now taking more planning and logistics to ensure the club operates in accordance with strict Covid-19 guidance, which it is anticipated will still be in place during the period of the proposed works, so any paddling from alternative waters where transport may be required is not an option for the club.

As such it is essential for club operations and independent paddlers for a form of access to be maintained wherever it is safe to do so.

Whilst British Canoeing recognise there may be times when live plant is operating and it is essential for any access to be paused; we would welcome a traffic light system or similar to be put in place so paddlers can use the Fossdyke during this period, or as much of it as is reasonably practical.

I would welcome the opportunity to be actively involved in conversations around enabling a form of access along this section for paddlers during the works.

07/08/2020 19:41 - Ray Simmons

As a member of Lincoln Canoe Club’s committee I find it disappointing that we’ve only just been informed of this closure, and not by anybody at the CRT or EA.
Our members use this waterway several times a week for training purposes. This training is vital as our members compete both at a national level and some even at international regattas.
Our issue really is the lack of communication from anyone at the CRT or EA with the river users. As stated in your publication “you like to consult with river users to minimise the disruption...” As regular users of the river I would hope this would include our canoe club. I understand that this information may have been published a while ago on a blog and/or social media would it not be proactive for the CRT to inform river users of these articles and publications?
I feel there is a large scope for improvement when it comes to the dialogue between the authorities and users of the waterways.
Please could you keep us informed of any updates or decisions.

30/07/2020 13:21 - Keith van Bergen Harbourmaster

At any one time we have between 130-140 boats permanently moored within the Brayford Harbour on the Brayford Pool. When Lincoln Marina moved out of the Pool in 2001 many of the facilities you would expect to be provided at a marina went with them, including sanitation provision to their new location at Burton Waters some 3 miles west of the Pool on the Fossdyke Canal following that move, with sanitation facilities available both there and at the Lincoln CRT yard, the Brayford Trust did not deem it neccessary to triplicate this provision and install further such facilities at the Brayford which would have also met with some opposition from the University of Lincoln on whose site the shore based facilities are located.

Consequently the complete closure of the Fossdyke between the CRT yard and the Brayford Pool apart from being a serious infringement on the freedom of movement of the boats based in the Harbour would make it impossible for them to empty or pump out whatever toilet facilities they have on board for four months.

Clearly the above situation is not acceptable and we would appreciate your considering how our boaters could, prehaps through a traffic light system be permitted passage through the site when it is clear to do so.

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