Bridge 58 Hollins Bridge, Shropshire Union Canal


From Date: 25/02/2020 15:00

To Date: 21/09/2020 10:00 inclusive

Type: Towpath Closure

Reason: Vegetation

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Shropshire Union Canal

Starts at: Bridge 58, Hollins Bridge

Ends at: Bridge 58, Hollins Bridge

Upstream winding hole: Goldstone Wharf Winding Hole

Downstream winding hole: Tyrley Wharf Winding Hole


21/09/2020 10:17

The towpath remain closed when contractors carry out works to stabilise the cutting and clear towpath.   This notice has been superseded by - 

19/03/2020 09:48

The towpath is still closed until debris can be completely removed and the area made safe. Further update will be provided when new information becomes available. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

12/03/2020 12:52

The navigation is now open. Please proceed with caution.

There is still debris from the land slip on the towpath so unfortunately the towpath remains closed for public use until we can make the area safe.

A further update will be provided next week.

06/03/2020 11:41

Engineers have inspected the affected area and are advising contractors the best way forward, to safely remove the trees that are blocking the navigation.

A further update will be provided next week.

28/02/2020 10:21

Tyrley cutting will remain closed to canal and towpath users whilst our geotechnical experts assess the stability of the slopes ahead of the proposed removal of fallen trees. There was a further slip on Wednesday evening and we will continue to monitor the situation next week as recent rainfall continues to take it’s toll. We are hoping to conduct a further inspection next week and will discuss methods of working with our contractors and ensure it reopens as soon as possible. This has been a particularly challenging few weeks for our teams and your understanding and patience is appreciated. 


As a result of land slip, a number of trees are blocking both navigation and towpath at this location.

Contractors have been informed and are in the process of assessing the site.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will provide an update on Thursday 27th February.