Oxford Canal Bridge 34 Esenhall Lane to junction with the Brinklow Arm


From Date: 14/02/2020 12:00

To Date: 20/08/2020 14:04 inclusive

Type: Towpath Closure

Reason: Maintenance

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Oxford Canal

Starts at: Bridge 34, Easenhall Lane

Ends at: Bridge 34, Easenhall Lane


20/08/2020 14:04

A pontoon walkway has been installed so that towpath users can walk on while the work is being planned for the landslide. Please proceed with care.


Due to cutting slip at Easenhall, towpath will be closed in order for the damage to be assessed and for investigation of future repairs.

The towpath is closed between Bridge 34, Easenhall Lane and the junction with the Brinklow Arm.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will provide progress updates in due course.