Tyrley Service Station facilities


From Date: 15/02/2019 15:00

To Date: 13/07/2020 12:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Shropshire Union Canal

Starts at: Tyrley Service Station

Ends at: Tyrley Service Station


13/07/2020 12:09

The facility is now open again, we apologise for any inconvenience this caused whilst we rectified the issue on site.

28/04/2020 12:12

The bins are not affected by this closure and are still available.

28/04/2020 10:29

We now have water to the site and so the waterpoint is working.  Unfortunately we are not in a position to reopen the facilities due to concerns with the septic tank.  Once these issues are resolved we will advise further.


The water supply for Tyrley is supplied by a bore hole owned by a local farmer.

The borehole has been running low for some time and it has now all but dried up so there’s no water. 

We are in discussions with the local farmer who owns the bore hole with regards to connecting the building up to mains water.  These discussions are on going and we are reviewing the proposals.

The nearest facilities are at Market Drayton Sanitory Station.