Fairburn Ings Railway Bridge Scaffolding Repairs


From Date: 28/02/2019 09:00

To Date: 25/10/2019 17:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Aire & Calder Navigation Main Line

Starts at: Fairburn Railway Bridge

Ends at: Fairburn Railway Bridge


01/10/2019 11:14

Works have been completed however Contractors are currently unable to remove scaffolding and pontoons from the watercourse due to high river levels and flooding.

29/08/2019 14:51

We have been advised that the works require an extension due to increased scope of works instructed by Network Rail and Wakefield Council which requires the scaffolding to be erected for a further few weeks, until 30 September.

30/07/2019 08:21

Contractor has been asked to replace the rotten footway boards on Wakefield Council’s walkway which is attached to the main railway structure. As a result of this works will continue for another few weeks on site.

18/04/2019 10:20

Contractor has informed us of additional repairs to the structure which takes the completion date to 17th July.


Amco will be undertaking strengthening works to Fairburn Ings Network Rail Bridge, in the form of scaffolding and pontoons. The majority of the structure will be covered in scaffolding, apart from a navigable channel in the centre to enable access.

Boaters and other navigation traffic passing by may be delayed for up to 20 minutes to enable any plant to move out of the way.